My goal is to share my passion of food through a fusion concept.

As a decedent of Caribbean parents, I grew up on Caribbean cuisine. As a trained chef, I’ve had the opportunity to learn of various cuisines and the methods of which to prepare. I’ve found that by my love for Caribbean cuisine with my training I can offer my guests a unique dining experience.

When we think of Caribbean cuisine we must pay homage to the great influences from Africa sprinkled with influences from the French, Indian and Spanish. Combining these foods and spices generates a vibrancy of colors and mouthwatering flavors.

I get great satisfaction in seeing my guests’ reaction to their meal. First their eyes brighten as they take in the bold colors and display. Secondly, they inhale the aroma, perhaps wondering which item is providing it. Third, their heads begin to bob as they enjoy that first bite and the burst of flavors escape into all crevices of their mouth.

I’m most satisfied when I see my guests enjoying my food and yes, trying something new.

                                                                                                             Chef Randall Benjamin, Fusion Cuisine