"I had a great experience the quality of service is compared to going to your favorite restaurant and they know exactly what you want, and its delicious every time. Everyone is kind and warm like going to your favorite relatives home for dinner. They move with urgency to satisfy your hunger. Food, Drinks, Service is 5 stars across the board. Thank you for the great experience I hope to use you in the future for a catered event."

/  Satisfied customer, @The reserve  /


"Chef Randall is an amazing cook. His Caribbean fusion dishes have an authentic and unique flair that you won't find anywhere else. We asked Chef Randall to cater for our Sunday church congregation of 350 people. Everyone was extremely satisfied and we are looking forward to using him again for the next event."

/  Kerry, team US TaeKwonDo  /


"My husband and I  attended a New Year's Eve party where Chef Randall did the catering. The meal was skillfully presented and a variety of cuisines were offered.  The food was flavorful and delicious. In addition to serving a delectable meal, Chef Randall made sure the guests were satisfied with his service. He paid attention to details and made sure the dinner was enjoyable for all."

/  Natalie smith  /


"I had an opportunity to indulge in the tasty food prepared by Chef Randall. From the turkey & lamb sliders to the seafood ceviche the food was delectable. I highly recommend using Chef Randall for any event you may need quality food."

/  rose carter  /


"I consider myself a foodie so when I experience a meal I really take it in.  I want my food to be pleasing to all my senses.  I had the pleasure of experiencing your food in New Years Eve and I want to thank you for a beautiful presentation that smelled Devine and tasted wonderful.  I look forward to my next opportunity to enjoy your artistry!"

/  Valerie Wyatt  /


I am happy that I was able to experience the culinary expertise of Chef Benjamin.  The opening appetizer of avocado & shrimp on toasted bread was very tasteful and left the guest wanting more! The dinner items were also delicious!  The variety of items fulfilled the taste buds of the guests, as well as their appetites.  The Mac and cheese was delicious.  What I liked the most was that the food was not over-seasoned or salty, allowing the natural flavors of the meats and vegetables to be enjoyed!

Great Job!"

/ debra jordan  /


"We had the opportunity for Chef Randall to host our New Years Eve event in Chicago. He and his staff were professional, timely and a pleasure to work with. The menu he selected was perfect with the theme of the event and his food was delicious! We are looking forward to our next event with Chef Randall. "

/ debra jordan  /


"Chef Randall provided catering for our New Year's eve Masquerade Ball.  We wanted a special menu for our elegant affair and Chef Randall delivered!  His creations were amazing. Each bite left you wanting more.  Not only was the food great!  It was presented elegantly and the service he provided was superb.  I would highly recommend him for any event, your most casual to the most elegant.  You won't be disappointed!"

/ debra jordan  /